Black Tool Box Laboratory (BTB) was establashed on 1 December, 2017. The same day after 3 years, we established Cogman Ltd. And for the memory of growth of Cogman. Every last season of year, we will summary our growth and achievements to an article for reviewing.


Full-time and Full-heart

We are glad to announce we achieved our goal this year and we are exciting to take new challenge next year.


Cogman Ltd. Established

For the vision, we establish our company and to include BTB Lab. as a part of Cogman. To the future, we will do review our growth and achievements to encourage ourselves for next.


Development of Vue-based Packages and Refactor the Component of React-based

This year, except began the development of Vue-based components. We refactored our React-based components for the new published version of React.


Development of JavaScript Tool Packages

We do develop React-based components. However some features used like tools are not depend on any framework. So we began to develop some tool-like and pure-JavaScript components.


Black Tool Box Laboratory Established

For self-training the abilities of development. We established a laboratory. Started form React, we developed some React-based components and try some coding pattern experimentally. More it is, we self-trained to analyze the nature of features and components.