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Development of JavaScript Tool Packages

It's a quite of amazing year, even through I found my new job twice. I still keep pushing myself to get some progress there. As you maybe know, I just became a full-time front-end engineer previous year which begging with React.js. And this year, my first "new job" is developing with Vue.js. I am so glad to have base well in React.js. I just took less than 1 week and just like I did with React.js. I began to develop some components only for this team used like Button, Form. Tag, Image viewer, File up-loader and Timeline. Besides that I also develop some functional tool like multiple-languages switcher and form validater. I knew how to publish component to NPM, now I know how to publish to GitHub for NPM using too. I design some system of stylish with SCSS. And they all developed between without any third-party components except Vue.js. It's amazing for me. Though I still not found some more really "senior" front-end developer for me to learn some thing. Even though I met some potential and talented back-end developers to work with, I still make the decision to find some more challenging job for myself growth.

And the next which means now, I take the position of software team lead. It's really challenging for me. Because my team members are not having interview with me. Some are newbies to be front-end or back-end developer. And some lack the appropriate values about coding with naming rules, coding style and file system. They do not know how to 'generalize' the system design no matter they are front-end or back-end developer. So I have to take time to help them to built-up some values to their developing ability. They just need to take time to be more expert to their engineering career. By the way, I back to develop with React.js.

I feel sorry to my personal project actually. I want to take my free time to develop my packages. However I spent too much my free time to work. And I am trying to have my time back to keep on my personal packages development. After all I spend money and co-work with my ex-colleague to design the logos for my laboratory as my web-site if you had visited. I like them, they make the laboratory become more filled with soul. I will try harder to squeeze my time to implement them all.


Except I have some unpublished components developed with Vue.js. I have two pure-JavaScript components or said utils, published to NPM.




Here is a util for the web-sites which need to support multiple-languages. My original version are switch language with fetch file dynamic, but this version are all language file imported in the same time.



It's not the official version yet. Because I don't finish it and unused in any project completely. Most of algorithm are implemented, but required some useful and normal application rules to be added as default supported.


As the mention, we have our logos. I think it's time to develop packages more systemic. I have plan to develop with pure-JavaScript, React-based, Vue-based and Angular-based. I have no experience to Angular yet. But I already developed some packages of utils of JavaScript-pure, components of React and Vue. I want to finish the @blacktoolbox/prototype-validator to official version, revise my react components to with scope @blacktoolbox and complete my web-site.