Cogman have been experienced to many industries: embedding system of networking devices, blockchain, AI, e-commerce, e-health ... etc. Cogman is not just a company to outsourcing. We are able to communicate in business logic, technology and knowledge of industry. If you are willing to show us how. We would love to learn about it.

If other regular company of outsourcing could not help you to solve your issues. Why not try our service? We aim to provide serivce to support our client to figure out the actual problems and the actual solutions in high quality and acurracy.

Software Development

Cogman focus on software development, and we are interested to some special cases. Difficult, interesting and challenging. We love to do study and research for some issue and solving it. Surely we also do normal outsourcing case of development.

  • Outsourcing DevelopmentWe take two type of outsourcing case: certain spec and uncertain spec.
  • Cooperative DevelopmentWe also take this kind of case we cooperate with our client, and we both provide our own expert for the case.
  • Assistive DevelopmentIt is different form Cooperative Development. Our client might already have engineer. And sometimes they might have no enough human resource to develop or their enginners have not engough experience. Then Cogman will do the help.
  • Special Case TakerWe love to help people to solve their problems and issues. Especially the case is interesting and chllenge. And if the problem facing some how is hard to outsoucing. Find us, let Cogman do the help to solve it together.
We list some software development technique used within 1 years
  • FrontendReact, Vue, Angular, jQuery, Next, Nuxt
  • BackendEggjs, Laravel, MySQL
  • OthersDocker, Typescript, Webpack, Gulp, Rollup, Vite, GSAP, GraphQL, NX, IIS, Nunjucks, Web3
  • Cloud ServiceAWS, GCP
- UI packages are not listed.
- If your case is required to use other software developing technique, please feel free to let us know.
Consultant of Developing Team

Cogman focus on solving the problem surrounding software development team. However there does not only have problems technical, but also problems managemental. Including recruit, interview, mangement, development environment, etc. And some technical manager might not have enough experience to handle it. Let Cogman to do the help to care all the detail about software developing team like a guide runner before the team can running well.

It is worth mentioning that Cogman's consulting method is not a method that can be applied to all situations. Based on our own analysis ability, we provide completely customized consulting advice, so that everyone who has difficulties can get non-standard solutions suggestion.

  • Recruitment and InterviewIf you are not engineer, how to see the detail in every resume for the position of engineer? And even you have background of engineer or you are actual engineer, how do you know the interview is effective to find the engineer who might fit in the team? If you have those problem to hiring, please contact Cogman. Let us help you to improve your hiring program.
  • Team EstablishmentIt's not always necessary to have a huge team to develop project or product. In particular to start-up team. It is always a challenge to develop with a limited resource no matter financial resource or human resouce. Let Cogman help to analysis which cost is higher proirity and providing some advice for the team in start-up state.
  • Developing AnalysisWe also provide the service of consulting for development. Including project/product management, software development, UI/UX designment. You can imporve the quality of development by Cogman's service of consulting for software development.
  • Strategic AnalysisAre you good at making decision? Or are you afraid of the decision-making is too hasty? Rely on Cogman's analysis abilities. Let us discuss together and try to figure out our blind spots of thinking to increase your confidence in decision-making!
Career Growing

Cogman is never stop to be more professional, and we also like to support other people growing.

  • Career ConsultingThere is not much mentor can see in companies. And most engineers have to gather information for planing their career by themselves. Especilly, the proportion of job-changing population in the software development labor market is getting higher and higher. We hope that we can assist job-changing people who want to grow and find their position in software development as soon as possible.
  • Workplace ConsultingIf you are negative or feeling ill to your workplace. Cogman want to help you in the way of counseling. Let us talk. We hope you can enjoy your job!
  • Developing Team ConsultingThis part is mostly for some people who want to know each role played in a software developing team. Surely the introduction is general. Each team might have different positions to own those roles' responsibilities.
  • Entrepreneur ConsultingCogman has some experience in entrepreneurship. We are looking forward to help other people to start their business and well.

Cogman aim to support solving problem for software developing team. And we believe it is not only the way to help with services of developing and consulting.

  • Column articleWrite articles, or provide writing materials.
  • LecturerTopic speeches, not limited to courses, workshops, conferences.
  • Experience SharingBy join Physical Gathering.
  • OthersCogman is interested to every kind of cooperation only if it is helpful to grow the software development team.