Support you everything surrounding Software Development


Cogman serve for software development of information. Even better, we do not just develop software for client, we do care more further about the growth of projects, products and developing teams themselves. We also provide service of consaulting of developing team establishment, decision making and career.

To solve requirements, problems and issues in efficiency. We suggest to have consultings or discussions with us before deciding to co-work or not. Besides Cogman provide customized service in various way. There is no need to worry about how to co-work and how to prepare spec document, just let us talk about your needs.

A partner more than client!


Software Development

Including Logo Design, UI/UX Consulting, Web and Server development, Cogman provide customized service in various way.

Collaborative Development

Cogman passionate about solving challenging problems. No matter via developing or consulting. If you believe Cogman can do the help. Please contact us.

Developing Team Establishment

All issues surrounding the Software Development are cared by Cogman. Even more, we do very care about the developing team including esatblishment, hiring, training, decision making. If you have some issues about those, let Cogman help you. We can be like consultant or temporary staff for support.

Career Consulting

Cogman also provide service for someone who want to know about software development. Or someone is working with software developer and wondering how to communicate more efficiently. Let's have café and we would like to share our thinking, values and experience, shall we?

Contact Us

Chao-Chun, Chang (Noël)

( UTC+8 / CST ) 10:00 am to 6:00 pm