Cogman Ltd. Established


After the November of 2020, I(Noël) decided to create my own carear to have a componay. With years observing of people's developing team. I saw some disadvantage from them. They make me think about companies will become more and more, but not every owner, manager, leader know about how to establish a team of development or how to manage / lead / drive them well. And raising more and more costs on human resources. Now, most company may not think about they can search external consultants for helping / supporting them to eastablish their own team of development. But I believe there is one day some people will notice that.


This year, I was working hard to find new clients. And I met a lots interesting people. I like them and I am happy to have my own company. It always make me feel satified when some people said they want to work with me and asked me to establish my team as soon as posible. Before I am able to have my own team, let me show the growth of Cogman during this year!

Frontend Development


Frontend development to official website.


Team Consultant


Frontend development and support to interview, traning of engineers.

React, Next, Gastby, Netlify, Docker

Development Consultant


Provide forntend development consulting and support to develop a few.


Software Development & Team Consultant


Frontend and backend development and support to establish developing team and interview, traning of engineers.

Vue, Nuxt, Docker, jQuery, Node, IIS

Frontend Development


Support client to Frontend development of a big project.

Angular, NX

Software Development & Product Consultant


Maintanance and development to a software product.

Docker, Laravel, Vue, GCP


Within the year, I actually do the efforts to clarify about how I want to run this company, what services I can provide and how to acheive what I want to. Every time I try to explain my company to my client, I always have new inspiration to redefine my company and my services. But that is good. Next year I hope to have finance well to be able to have my own team. And I am still working on it. : )