Black Tool Box Laboratory Established


It is the beginning at the month of April, 2017. I(Noël) took the project of Cloud Network Management System development. Before that, I was a software engineer. Though I developed the web of embedding system product, too. However it developed with jQuery. To the project of CNMS, that is the first time I studied and developed with the React which is the framework of JavaScript. Then I joined to the club of front-end development. And to improve my learning efficiency, I established my own laboratory called black tool box at 11 Nov., 2017. I began to study how to develop components published to NPM as packages for using.

The angle of designing to develop packages

To my self, I have no problem with reproducing the design of layout from draft to style. However I saw it happened to other engineers. It make me think that one thing. Most layout related packages are designed with defined style already, but without some function. Then when we use to some project. We may need to use other style to cover it. And write some additional function to make it usable. To some engineers, they have no problem with coding function but style. However to use that kind of layout related packages. It may not be really helpful or efficient to develop front-end. For general case, to customize layout for project is necessary. So why not trying to develop the packages which are designed with generally needed function already and with some very basic style. Then engineers do not need to spend time to cover style and develop function. They can only focus on customize layout style. We let the function to be the black box and we use it like a tool to improve our efficiency of development. That is the meaning to Black Tool Box Laboratory ( BTB Lab. ).


To the one year of development, I developed 4 packages already:




This is my first born child. To create list by data array. It seems simple, but this package let me learn how to develop a package.



To create my website, my second package development chosen to menu. And it can be used with react-router, no matter it is 2.x/3.x or 4.x.



Actually the package is not finished yet. Because it has a lot of features I want to implement in it. It require a lot of times. To finish it is my first target in the next year.



The original name is searchelector. However my final decision is calling it select still and let the feature of search be the optional function for it.

Actually I have a lot of ideas to my package. However I do not have so much time to implement it. Because it is a part-time development, the time I only can use is my rare weekends. It is quite interesting for me to train myself to design the package and train my coding ability, too. So I will keep on it. If you have any require or idea to my packages , please contact me. I will be grateful to you. : )


Recently I was looking for my next job to front-end development. In the process, I learned some thing new and revised my knowledge. After that, I decided to rebuild my website as the next step. And the introducing articles of Flux and Redux will be re-written too. Hoping the new articles can introduce them more clearly. Also a new topic will be written. At the last, there still have some implements and enhancements to do with blacktbox-table, blacktbox-select and blacktbox-menu.