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Development of Vue-based Packages and Refactor the Component of React-based

This year I met some wonderful people and learned a lot form them. Any way to myself. During I was taking break and looking for next job. I refactored my entire website. I create the main-website and sub-website for JavaScript, Vue and React with their newest version. After refactoring, I made some components too. I am glad to have time to do development of components for myself. Next year, hoping I can do my development of components better and more.


My job of this year had been changed a lot. I still did my best to develop some components when I developed with Vue or React.




Upgraded a version to short the naming for UMD.



The official releasing of 1.0.0. But I have an idea to upgrade it. So next year, I might enhance it firstly.




When I upgraded my development of React. I refactored the list and tried to clear the code in logic level.



The original one was not published with official version. So the new one is actually first version of table.



I had the original popover based on Vue during my previous job. Then I made a React version meanwhile improved some detail logic within it.



The component included two. And I hope these two can do a lost help to most button using.



The message is the one of components I wish to develop if I got time. And I still think about how to make it better as much as I expect.



This is a small component about reducing the layers of single-children components.



Due to the component is made based on JavaScript SDK of facebook, This is a not original.




As usual, The component of list is my first development based on Vue. After all, my website of demonstration need it firstly about the page's menu.



Table will be the second one. But this is unfinished yet. Because when I developed it, I was thinking about the complexity of my component design. Should they include some features for convenience or keep logical clean for the capacity to cooperate easily with other components? To end the thinking, I decided to not add the sorting, pagination, column filter, search to my component of table. But it will be designed to extend easily.


關於下一年的規劃,我在考慮是否翻新基於 Vue 的組件跟網站至 3.0,或者繼續 React 17 的翻新,希望我可以花更多時間專注在我的組件開發上,下一年我們可以做得更好,對吧?